Pifer is a Brazilian company specialized in railway interiors, located in the city of Tres Rios in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Our company is prepared to meet all stages of the design, manufacture and assembly of parts and components for Metro, Commuter trains, VLT, Regional trains and High-Speed trains. Pifer professional team is highly skilled working from creative design and engineering solutions to manufacturing and assembling the entire car interior.



Pifer projects are developed with special focus on design, engineering, safety, comfort and passenger welfare requirements. The Pifer database has advanced studies in the area of product usability and ergonomics applied to the transport of passengers.


Pifer is certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008. Our products meet the standards that govern the safety of public passenger transport in relation to fire, smoke and toxicity.


Pifer is a company committed to environmental issues and is constantly seeking ecological alternatives in its manufacturing processes and the development of new materials. Located in an area of Atlantic forest, Pifer also acts in the reforestation of the area around its plant.

Pifer develops rail interior designs since 2001

and operates in domestic and

international markets.

Where we are

BR040 – Km 18.5 – Vila Isabel – Três Rios – RJ – Brazil | Cep: 25.812-470

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Phone: +55 (24) 3311-0400